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Titchfield History Society (THS) was founded over 40 years ago to research and promote the history of Titchfield and the surrounding area. Since then membership has expanded gaining a much wider audience within and outside Titchfield itself including overseas. More recently, THS have enjoyed more online participation using media such as Facebook. THS also shares links with other websites that support and promote each other with the same interests. Today, THS Committee comprise of a few local enthusiasts who now want to modernise interaction, continue the research and promotion of Historic Titchfield and the surrounding areas. The committee furnish the site with newsletters, wills, photos and snippets from history. THS also organise presentational talks every third Tuesday over the winter season in Titchfield Community Centre. A mix of social and historic events are planned at different locations for the rest of the year. We always welcome new members so please visit our membership page if you are interested. Before you leave this page, and if you are new to this website, you may want to visit our page: "History in Brief" to understand why THS is so fortunate to have so much history crammed into such a small area. Enjoy!

Learn history direct from locals past and new, come to talks or watch online and experience peoples stories

History Pages

Titchfield Abbey Grotesques

Breweries and Pubs

Brewing was like baking in the early times, undertaken by many ordinary tenants. Before public water supply companies,…

Hollam House

Hollam House in the 1920s Hollam House, overlooking Titchfield on the south side of the river, was built…

St Margaret’s Priory

The first thing that can be said about St Margaret's Priory is that it was never a priory.…

Beeston, Sir William

Wriothesley [formerly Writhe], Sir Thomas